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Only Chess Forum

  1. 24 Jul '06 13:50
    This years (August 2006) ECF ratings are now on the web I notice...
  2. 25 Jul '06 20:37
    Hurray, I managed to stop the decline in BCF rating due to work commitments I can start putting a bit more effort in!
  3. 25 Jul '06 20:49
    Mister Meaner what is your rating?
  4. 25 Jul '06 22:18
    Originally posted by z00t
    Mister Meaner what is your rating?
    136 in this list - a marginal improvement on last year But a poor showing in Yeovil and Newmarket congresses means I will have to play very well for the rest of the season just to keep level for next year
  5. 25 Jul '06 22:53
    You should always aim for the lowest possible rating, so you can mop up the lower sections of the tournaments in the coming year! Mine this year is 160 - far too high, although it does mean I'll mostly be in Majors rather than Opens.