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  1. 23 Jul '10 19:37
    What do you think?
    Is white better?Black?Equal?

    Last move was Bxc4

  2. 23 Jul '10 23:35
    I vote equal but in an irrelevant kinda way meaning that I predict the game would end in a draw less than 10 percent of the time between untitled players.
  3. 24 Jul '10 01:07
    Originally posted by toeternitoe
    What do you think?
    Is white better?Black?Equal?

    Last move was Bxc4
    [fen]2rq1r2/pp2ppbk/6pp/8/2bP1B2/2P4P/P2Q1PP1/R2BR1K1 w - - 0 1[/fen]

    Surface glance go for White because he has the strongest
    thing available - the move.

    1.Bf3 hitting the b-pawn and if 1...b6 2.Bb7 wins the exchange.
    (I can always find a cheap shot).

    Someone might appear and claim that Black can create problems v
    the backward c-pawn on the open file and it's 3 pawn islands v 2.
  4. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    24 Jul '10 01:35
    It looks like an Exchange Gruenfeld, but I couldn't find any games with that position, which actually surprised me.

    I would be happy playing either side of it- I am more comfortable on the black side, but objectively I think white is a little better. The combination of Bf3 and Rb1 with queenside pressure seems like a simple and logical plan.
  5. 24 Jul '10 19:26
    Man I'm dumb!
    Ok,so we have 1 equal and 2 slightly favor white.
    I too favored white who is really black

    Wait a minute!
    White is black?
    Yes,it's a mirror position from McPhillips-Manca,European Union championship,Cork 2005
    Hence why Paul couldn't find the position

    Why a mirror?
    Because Nigel Davies judged it as 'black has good counterplay',while I thought he was simply better,then Adorjan popped into my mind and that led to all this.

    And,not that we dispute the fact,but why are you dumb?
    Because,to test Adorjan's thesis,I obviously should've taken a position were white was deemed slightly better and reverse it.Silly git I am!

  6. 24 Jul '10 21:04
    my immediate thoughts were that black had the better pawn structure. Someone recently recommended a book all about pawn structures. Could someone remind me what it was?