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Only Chess Forum

  1. 15 Aug '06 13:43
    You know the column by leanard bardon (i think, if im wrong.. shoot me) in the evening standard (UK), what was up with it on monday? wrong picture, or what?
  2. 15 Aug '06 13:49
    How about posting it so we can see?... Not everyone is in UK or gets that paper or will bother looking it up just for you.
  3. 15 Aug '06 14:54 / 2 edits
    His name is Leonard Barden. Now kindly stand against the wall, away from the windows.
  4. 15 Aug '06 15:11
    and karo cann, if you dont want to help you can just ignore the post, im not assuming everyone is in the uk, im hoping someone in the Uk might be able to help is all, i cant find the newspaper homepage to do it.. and it doesnt bother me that much to say the truth