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  1. 04 Apr '09 16:38
    Have you ever offered your opponent a draw which they refused, and Upon continuing the play you eventually won and then were happy your opponent refused the draw offer?

    Or has the reverse ever happened, your opponent offers a draw you decline, then they end up winning?

    I've recently learned to just play things out. I offered a draw in a boring drawn position and my opponent refused. I ended up wining.

    I've also resigned many times seeing my demise was approaching. When my opponent sent me a message asking "why did you resign?" I realized they didn't see the specific variation and I should have just played until the end.
  2. Standard member thesonofsaul
    King of the Ashes
    04 Apr '09 17:32 / 1 edit
  3. 04 Apr '09 18:56
    ahh the moral of the story is don't post.
    That was recent, wish they'd title the thread more effectively.