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  1. Standard member Nowakowski
    10. O-O
    08 Jan '09 08:46 / 4 edits
    This game with NL and Strass was pretty intricate, but I'm stuck on move 17...Bg2f1 ?? I know their must be something here that counterfits Qxf3! hanging a Knight, however I can't find it?

    I havn't looked real deep into this, but my thoughts were perhaps Lad didn't like 18. Bc4+ Nxc4 19.Qxc4+ Kh1 20. Rxd8 Rxd8 ?

    Still, whites down a knight and I don't see the knockout? I'm sure their are some underlying tactics here that have bypassed my sub 1200 brain! Help!

    This is the game in question and the specific position rises after 17w (whites 17th move). Any help/explanation of the underlying tactics here would be of great value!
  2. 08 Jan '09 08:59
    17... Qxf3? 18 Be2 traps the queen.
  3. Standard member Nowakowski
    10. O-O
    08 Jan '09 09:06
    Originally posted by Green Paladin
    17... Qxf3? 18 Be2 traps the queen.
    ah wow.

    thats why i'm under 1200, cuz i can miss something so simple!
  4. 09 Jan '09 04:18
    Perhaps in the game in the final position, instead of resigning, black should try 1...Bxb6, hoping for 2. Bxb6?? Kb8= Of course, 2. Kxb6 is completely winning, but it's worth a shot