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  1. 11 Apr '11 20:16 / 2 edits
    Keith Ruxton just pointed out this game to me.

    Said it reminded him of me. (flattered...because this is brilliant).
    I shoot for these everytime I'm playing blitz. Once out of every 20 I get one.
    (but none as hot as this. Mine are cheapo's.)
    This was done under tournament conditions.

    It's already being lorded as the game of the year.
    Move 16 is just WoW!! and there are more wows to follow.


    Zhao Jun (2580) - Xiu Deshun (2508) Chinese Championship 2011

    For notes and and a good stab at explanations see:
  2. 11 Apr '11 22:29 / 1 edit
    very nice. and with doubled pawns (he read your blog...)... they seem to shield off the pieces. also, nice after 13.f4 - pawns all over the place. and finally, two pairs of doubled pawns...

  3. 11 Apr '11 22:48
    Indeed. I so wrapped up with the game I never spotted pawn link.

    White finishes with 2 sets of doubled pawns and an isolated pawn.

    You are right, he has read the blog.

    Next weeks theme will be King hunts.
    Watch the world's top GM's follow my lead.
  4. 11 Apr '11 23:43
    That's a gem.
    Thanks for sharing!
  5. 12 Apr '11 02:47
    I wish I had chops to appreciate just how good it really is.
  6. Subscriber davaniel
    12 Apr '11 07:21
    Incredible game GP, thanks, well recommended.

    I just quickly threw the game into fritz, to see what he thinks of it.

    Usually when I check games with fritz (my own OTB games) there isn't much going on. I just simply miss easily or sometimes a bit less easily winning moves.

    You wouldn't believe the incredible mess fritz makes of this game.
  7. 12 Apr '11 08:35
    Hi Davaniel.

    "You wouldn't believe the incredible mess fritz makes of this game."

    Oh I would, I can just imagine it what it is doing.

    Does it play Bxe6?
  8. Subscriber davaniel
    12 Apr '11 13:45
    No as far as I let it analyse the position before Bxe6 (a little over 12 minutes), it prefers e5 as just a little better for white.

    Now I will let it analyse the continuation it thinks best afterwards but it gets very very messy in all the sidelines that it fails to correctly assess in the short time I let it look at it before.

    Will post the undoubtedly stunning results later... 😉
  9. Subscriber davaniel
    12 Apr '11 15:21 / 2 edits
    Since I don't have oceans of time, I haven't had it look at positions longer than say 10 or 20 minutes for the more complex ones.

    What is interesting is that this seems to be a game and especially from move 16 onwards that demonstrates the horizon effect of the engine, which is by the way Rybka 3, only I run it with the Fritz program, I think (never know quite how that works).

    Of course 16. Bxd6 is a stunning move. The moves that follow this move are pretty much in the top choices by the box, although it evaluates the position still as equal.

    In the following position

    attention was given on chessbase to the move Bxc4, instead of Kg7 which was played ingame, pointing out that it is no good either.

    The engine initially disagrees, of course, but after playing out some of the variations it prefers, it changes its opinion drastically regarding the evaluation.

    Two interesting lines:

    Stupid engine.

    Beautiful game. Worth analyzing.

    Edits: pgn things...
  10. 12 Apr '11 15:35
    I liked that line that ended.

    Fritz has developed an artistic bent.
  11. Subscriber davaniel
    12 Apr '11 15:40
    Yes, it's nice, isn't it?

    I looked at it and liked it so much that I didn't want to continue playing the line (+4.95 or so) and spoil it.

    A typical position for black to resign!
  12. Standard member wargamer66
    Steve B.
    13 Apr '11 02:07
    Wow, what a great game. The queen sac is crazy too.
  13. 13 Apr '11 04:41
    Enjoyed the real game (and the follow-up games with Fritz espcially the first).
  14. Standard member nimzo5
    13 Apr '11 11:16
    Finally got a chance to look at this game, fantastic.

  15. 14 Apr '11 09:20
    great game! while the queen sac was beautiful it was not completely neccessary,was it? i believe Rxf7 removing the defence of g6 would be just as effective (obviously not as beautiful, though)