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  1. Standard member apathist
    looking for loot
    23 Jul '17 19:27
    Which, and why?
  2. Subscriber BigDoggProblem
    The Advanced Mind
    24 Jul '17 07:21
    Originally posted by @apathist
    Which, and why?
    None, because I will take whatever advantage I can get. Trade off pieces that are bad for the position and keep pieces that are good for the position.
  3. 24 Jul '17 08:45
    Arrrs, coz I'm Spanish.
  4. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    24 Jul '17 20:04
    Originally posted by @vandervelde
    Arrrs, coz I'm Spanish.
    Spanish translating Croate?
  5. Standard member wolfgang59
    24 Jul '17 22:27
    Originally posted by @apathist
    Which, and why?
    The knight of course - always punching above his weight.
  6. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    25 Jul '17 22:59
    My opponents' Queen, I'm always trying to win her over.... she often plays hard to get!
  7. 26 Jul '17 01:17
    Like many kids learning the game at an early age (6), I loved the Knight. Hopping around like no other piece can and attacking most everyone else without being attacked in return. And the King/Queen fork! I always, still do, turned them sideways so I could see the handsome profile.

    But I have grown to prefer the Bishop and especially the Rook. The long range of these two types outweighs the jumping of the Knight for me. Two Rooks linked and working together on a file or rank is a thing of beauty and power.

    Of course the correct technical answer to your question is, 'Whatever piece works best in the postion in front of you.'
  8. Donation ketchuplover
    26 Jul '17 13:58
    My favorite piece is that which delivers the coup de grace
  9. Subscriber moonbus
    27 Jul '17 08:36
    Piece of a*s*s. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)