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  1. 06 Sep '14 11:43
    Interzonal tournament in Mallorca 1970 was Fischer's triumph although it began typically American - US Chess Federation paid off Paul Benko who actually qualified. Never mind that.
    On that tournament Fischer played Alekhine defense and only in Reykjavik 1972l ot was clear why: he tried to extend his repertoire for Spassky.

    In the mean time he didn't have many opportunities to play against Alekhine defense except a couple of games he won against Berlinner, his fellow American on US championships.
    (The same Berlinner who claims that 1. d4 wins!)

    Let's see these two games first and we will come to the title of this thread.

    Fischer vs. Berliner 1960.

    You can watch this game here:

    Fischer vs. Berlinner 1962

    Now we have a computer that says that 5. ...exd6 is better end 5. ...cxd6.

    Who felt in his own trap?
    Dragoljub Minic, Yougoslavian IM who was at his decline at this time tried to apply Fischer's approach when American played Allekhine defense. So far Minic already saw Fischer playing this defense in Mallorca.

    Minic vs. Fischer 1970