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  1. 29 Aug '12 22:39 / 1 edit

    As Arnold said... I'll be back!

    I think I like the latvian... so many pitfalls for white plus I would guess it has some of the same endgame advantages as the Kings Gambit does.

    I wonder what GP's first Greco Counter gambit was like?
  2. 29 Aug '12 23:11
    Judging by the game, I'm guessing it was your opponent's first OTB Latvian too!
  3. 29 Aug '12 23:31 / 1 edit
    "wonder what GP's first Greco Counter gambit was like?"

    Not a brilliant game, but back then I was not a brilliant player ( )
    Database shows p.60 w. 45! D 6 L 9 with the Latvian.

    (two of the draws are from GM simuls v Shamkovich and Aagaard - they don't really count.)

    I started playing it because I saw in it described as an opening for exciting
    players who are not afraid to take a risk.

    The losses were real hammerings, one mistake against a good guy and bang.

    The majority of wins were in the 70's early 80's. Then I booked up
    on it and saw what a load of crap it was. (true). The worse thing I ever did
    was open a book on the Latvian.
    Before then it was all made up OTB - which was what my opponents were usually doing.

    (I have a 100% - touch wood - record as White v the Latvian. P.3 in serios OTB games.)

    D. Kelly - G. Chandler BAOR Championship, 1973

    Funnily enough I can remember this game, I can cleary recall sitting there,
    what he looked like and even some of my thinking.
    Sometimes I cannot even remember what I was doing last week.