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Only Chess Forum

  1. 01 Apr '09 23:18
  2. 01 Apr '09 23:53
    Those Sicilian pills are naff.

    I popped one before a game - discovered I had White
    and had to play an English (1.c4).

    The in another game I took an ending pill by mistake so
    right from the opening I started activating my King

    Here is the game.

  3. 03 Apr '09 19:35
    What?!?! The article wasn't real????

    I wonder if Chessbase is going to return my $1200 that I wired them? I was expecting to be master level by next month. It's a cruel, cruel, world!
  4. 03 Apr '09 19:45
    What do you mean the article wasn't real? Dear God I'm Fooked, in anticipation of receiving my order I have talked IBM into bringing Deep Blue out of moth balls , and have publicly challenged them.