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Only Chess Forum

  1. 26 Jun '06 09:57
    post in here if you know the four move checkmate
  2. Standard member XanthosNZ
    Cancerous Bus Crash
    26 Jun '06 10:01
    Post here if you are dodgey.
  3. Standard member Derfel Cadarn
    The Mighty
    26 Jun '06 11:47
    Originally posted by dodgey
    post in here if you know the four move checkmate
    I doenut no wut iet iz. Cood yoo pleazsde tel mee?
  4. Standard member MCA
    26 Jun '06 11:57 / 2 edits
    im sure you will find it in here if you need it:

    Thread 26440
  5. 26 Jun '06 23:42 / 1 edit
    No i think he's talking about the scholars mate, because he said THE four move checkmate, not A four move checkmate.

    Forget about the scholars mate, dodgey, it's useless.
  6. 27 Jun '06 00:57
    Game 2207775

    Seeing as you already know the "4-move mate" what is the purpose of this thread???
  7. 27 Jun '06 10:19
    Adding to what LanndonKane wrote; 'Scholars Mate' is something that only beginners are likely to lose to. Personally, if I am teaching someone chess, or advising a beginner, I always show them 'Fool's Mate' and 'Scholar' Mate' and the counter moves before actually playing a game, so that they have a good chance of gaining the initiative against anyone who plays either of these simple traps.