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  1. 26 Nov '17 10:55
    This was a frustrating position for me, I could not find a way to break through with the rook, finally agreed to a draw. Can anyone see a win in this with the rook?Game 12315576
  2. 26 Nov '17 12:19
    Here....White to play.

    33.Rc5 appears to win a piece.
  3. 26 Nov '17 14:03 / 1 edit
    In later phase of the game I would have considered Nf4 and possibility of sacrifice of Knight on h5 or g6.
    It requires a lot of far-reaching calculation, though.

    I had an "impression" that White could chase out black Knights with his King and Rook, but that was a mirage.
  4. 26 Nov '17 15:04
    Originally posted by @greenpawn34
    Here....White to play.

    [fen]4r3/np1k1pp1/4p2p/1n1pP3/3P4/5N1P/1R3PP1/2R2K2 w - - 0 33[/fen]

    33.Rc5 appears to win a piece.
    Yes it sure does. Thanks greenpawn. Nothing from the final position though? I couldnt see a way to get knight and pawn for rook, and gain the opposition, thats kind of what I was asking about sorry.
  5. 26 Nov '17 22:31
    45. h5!
    instead of f5 and blockade; idea is breakthrough with Pawns
    45. ...Nc6
    46. Nf3 Nba7
    if King goes to stop white Pawns,then Pb7 is lost
    47. g5!
    threat is gxh6 and then bringing Knight to g4
    If Black tries waiting policy than White can manouver his Rook so as to either capture Pb7 or infiltrate into Black soft belly through g-file.

    White must win here.
  6. 29 Nov '17 09:00
    The end position is a fortress.
    For the last time, you could have won with 57. Ra4 instead of trading knights.
    Your main positional mistake in the endgame was that you closed the entire king side.
    As rightly observed, h5 instead of g5 should have been better.