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Only Chess Forum

  1. 04 Jul '06 16:05
    I run an online G/90 team league, its mainly aimed at club players who want to get that extra 90 min game each week against players of simlar level. The league has players of all abilities the lowest are around 1200 from there the ratings go right up to GMs.

    Basicly its teams of 6 vs 6 playing each other weekly. You have to make contact with your opponent and arange a time to play.

    Its run on the playchess server so if anyone plays there and is intrested they can either message me here or server mail Caffeinated on playchess.

    Even if you dont feel like playing you can always watch the games, the weekend often sees around 20 G/90 games running with normally 20+ players watching/offering commentary.

    The league restarts on the 17th.