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Only Chess Forum

  1. Standard member J4z
    Chess Enthusiast!
    12 Aug '07 04:35
    Cludi did it, I figured I could too.

    If you get a chance, visit

    Now, I know what you are thinking, why would I want to look at a site by such a bad player? perhapses you are bored with all the chess sites that only show someone's wins. Maybe you are an amateur that could use some instruction that is a little easier to understand.

    GM Soltis said it best:

    "It's generally - but not erroneously - assumed that the best teachers are the best players, and that the best players can easily communicate the secrets of the game. Actually, the best teachers are often just interested amateurs."

    come and check it out, I'm not a master, or even an expert. Just an enthusiast that has a small amount of skill in writing and a huge love for chess.

    My hope is to make it a destination for chess learning for all skill levels. I have the ability to allow others to contribute if they would like. feel free to contact me, post in the forums, comment on the articles, browse the links. The blog is updated near daily. Articles are posted once or twice a week.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Standard member chessisvanity
    12 Aug '07 04:59
    I checked it out...pretty good website....

    Also...i am living in Boston and the Gambetto website has a link to the Boylston chess club blog log etc etc.

    not bad.
  3. Standard member J4z
    Chess Enthusiast!
    12 Aug '07 06:13
    Thanks! =D

    Yes... BCC Weblog is QUALITY! =D

    very nice blog DG has there...

    Thanks for checking it out! =)
  4. Standard member MetBierOp
    12 Aug '07 08:35
    Nice site!

    Which pogram did you use to build it?
  5. Standard member J4z
    Chess Enthusiast!
    12 Aug '07 12:51
    The content is managed by a program called Joomla. It is an open source program with a huge community. Excellent program if i do say so myself. Joomla uses templates (like Wordpress) and that accounts for the look of the site. I modified a basic template with Dreamweaver to get the look you see.

    Joomla is extremely flexible and customizable. Its also very good for community building, which is what I would ultimately like to have Gambetto become. A community of chess enthusiasts all contributing to the knowledge base! =D

    Thanks for checking out the site!

  6. 14 Aug '07 05:16
    From Gambetto I followed links to this gem: