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  1. 25 Jul '09 20:25
    Hello everyone,
    I am just getting back into chess after a long absence. A friend of mine wanted me to teach him to play, and teaching him, I realized how much I loved the game and missed it.
    Anyway, I decided that I would use teaching him as an excuse to improve myself. mainly working up through endgame knowledge, but also tactics heavy games. I used to play French, Ruy Lopez, and QGD, but I was thinking I should immerse myself in some possibly questionably sound gambit openings instead for the next few months at least.

    I'm pretty rusty on tactics myself, and although I won't be telling my friend anything about openings beyond "develop your pieces, darn it", I want to force games into sharp, tactics heavy lines that force us both to be extra vigilant. And maybe I should adopt some of the more sound ones for general play as well.

    tldr :
    What openings should I play (for each side) to force the game into very sharp, tactical lines, unsound ones are better, and maybe preferred. Ideal would be things that have unsound variations I could play OTB and slightly different variations that give an equal but sharp, tactical game for correspondence.
  2. 25 Jul '09 20:51
    Evans gambit.....
  3. 25 Jul '09 21:29
    King's Gambit, Morra Gambit, Milner Barry Gambit
  4. 25 Jul '09 23:47
    Halloween Gambit, Cochrane gambit, Blackmar-Diemer gambit and Traxler Gambit too. Don't forget the Albin counter gambit.
  5. 26 Jul '09 00:02
    The king's own gambit is the gambiest gambit of all. also called the tumbleweed and three sailors I think. Or you can invent your own. As you said, you aren't looking for sound play just crazy caveman stuff.
  6. 26 Jul '09 00:24
    against 1. d4 you can play a benko. You can play 1. e4 and if 1.e5 then the kings gambit if 1.c6 you can play for the caveman variation(google it. Although it isn't always a gambit it is ultra agressive and many times does include a gambit-and a sound one at that). You can also try a pawn sacrifice in the caro kann exchange variation(just remember the opponent can always decline gambits)

    It is actually my creation 1e4, c6 2. d4, d5 3. exd, cxd 4. b-d3 and if n-c6 then 5.N-f3!?.

    those are some good places to start exploring.