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  1. 07 Dec '12 01:41 / 12 edits
    This was a 15 min game I played on ICC against a tough opponent. I think I did pretty well but ended up with problems I couldn't solve and ran into time trouble.

    I was really at a loss for what to do during the game in the position below.

    In post game analysis I came to the conclusion that I should probably be going for ...e6 and ...f5 but my mind was in a flurry since getting to this position landed me in time trouble. My question is should I play ...Na6-b5 first or is white better after 1...Na6 2.Qb5 Qb7 3.Qc6 when, If I trade queens, white has a passed pawn that I can't dislodge in the forseeable future? I do get compensation in the form of a pawn after 3...Qxc6 4.dxc6 Nb4 5.Bb5 Nxc2 6.Rac1 but then here what do i do? 6... Ne4 and the immediate Ne5 wins back the pawn but 6.Rxe4 then 7.Ne5 looks like a possible idea as well....

    But back to the meat of the problem is e6-f5 Idea better or safer than Na6-b5 Idea and why? Or maybe I can even try Bh6-g5 with the idea of doing away with ...e6 altogether and going straight for ...f5 keeping the option of maneuvering the knight to b5 some other time? I don't think trading dark square bishops is good for white since that would leave him with a real nagging weakness on the dark squares.