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  1. Standard member ivan2908
    18 Aug '06 14:40
    What is reasonable amount of time to get 1600 or higher from 1200 if you play games quite often, and spend some time every day with Chessmaster interactive training,learning strategy, tactics, endgame, resolving various chess problems. I assume my chess talent isn't nothing more then average though I am in love with the game. I have friends that have 1600, even 1800, so playing with them isn't so fun, so I can play games with even opponents only on internet. (most often fics). How much it takes to reach their level of play?
  2. 18 Aug '06 15:00
    Despite what the Constitution and Communism say about the equality of man, it is simply not true. The same can be said for chess players. Aptitude in chess depends on intelligence, passion for the game and access to books, teachers and competition. But before you get discourage, former World Champion Emanuel Lasker said he could take a person of average intelligence and turn them into a chess master by the end of six months. Ultimately, it all depends on how talented you are and how hard you’re willing to train and study.
  3. 19 Aug '06 07:23
    last year i was 1150 and only knew how to move the pieces and a couple openings. after reading numerous books (attacking chess by josh waitzkin, pawn structure by andrew soltis, weapons of chess by bruce pandolfini, winning chess openings by yasser seirwan and strategies by him i'm at 1600. althought i didn't read all of the books through and through i picked up a lot from them and my thing is that i keep playing and when i get frustrated i study some more on what i did wrong or just study for the hell of it. also i played some 2300 games this year also.
  4. 19 Aug '06 07:26
    Just learn an a good opening for white and only play it and get help when ever you can.
  5. Standard member wormwood
    If Theres Hell Below
    19 Aug '06 09:46
    on rhp, it took me 4 months to break the 1600, but 8 months until I crossed the barrier permanently. although I believe it could've been months earlier, had I just started blunder checking earlier.

    I don't think 'talent' has anything to do with the lower levels, it all depends on how much work you put in. no pain, no gain.