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  1. 05 May '07 06:40
    I was playing Black. I lost the game in 26 moves, But except 1st &2nd moves all other moves were blunders.
    Lessons learnt:
    1) should not play in forenoon of First day after weekend.
    2) Even if it is oneday timeout, play maximum 4to5 moves per day.
    3) Donot try to test opponent opening skills by underestimating him.

    Do you suggest anything for me?Game 3507560
  2. 05 May '07 07:10
    You already stated that you thought the opening was not played well, but 2...Nf6 was not the best move to play, unless you really know how white will react... its called the Marshall defense and most books will tell white that it needs to be punished... with cxd5