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  1. 10 Nov '17 19:30
    hi all, ok i'm playing someone that has not moved within the timebank, so what does this mean the info on the board does not say that i won only that this person has no time left. scroll down, it should say this person has not moved within the time so did i win or is it just a throw away
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    Oct 31 2017 17:47
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  2. 10 Nov '17 20:39
    There should be the dreaded 'skull' icon in your game list. Click it, confirm, and you win.
  3. Subscriber Ragwort
    Ex Duris Gloria
    11 Nov '17 07:04
    Only one move has been made so isn't it still the bin showing? Games less than two moves are not rated. Click the bin and the game will be cancelled.
  4. 11 Nov '17 19:33
    Hi and ok, i'll see, just selete the game, good one on the skull icon lol, happy day guys,