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  1. 28 Jun '11 17:03 / 2 edits
    I had two tactics CDs are really liked-- Chess Tactics for Beginners and Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players-- but unfortunately neither of them work with Windows 7. The only tactics software I know of that does work with Windows 7 is CT Art 4.0, which got horrendous reviews on Does anyone know of any good tactics software that works with Windows 7?

    Edit: Good news-- if you right click on the Chess Tactics for Beginners , click "properties" and then select compatibility for Windows XP Service Pack 3, it works
  2. 28 Jun '11 17:33
    Hi, the best software for tactics imo is CTA art sucks the software is so damn non user friendly I wouldnt bother with it
  3. 28 Jun '11 18:58
    Tasc chess cd 2 & chessica

    chesscafé review

    It's also available in books,which I used back in the day,but the method is the same.It improved my play a lot.