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  1. 27 Sep '12 10:45
    Just a couple of good games inpsired by thaughbaer's Thread 148666

    Oh and a picture of a beggar from a planet far far away.

    Blog 4
  2. 28 Sep '12 13:38
    Linden Lyons posted this in another thread:

    "Hi Greenpawn. I enjoy reading your posts, and I was pleased to find out about
    the Sicilian Pin Variation. I'd lost interest in the Sicilian, but this variation
    resembles the type of play I enjoy in the Nimzo-Indian or, sometimes, in Owen's
    Defence: a pin of white's QN with black's KN adding pressure. I'd be interested to
    see a couple of sample games with this pattern, be it the Sicilian or another
    opening. Thanks!"

    I've dragged it here else you will get the original thread all crowded with
    different games on dfferent subjects.

    I'll dig out a few games with this line later on. But first this.

    The Pin Variation brought back a happy memory although looking at the game
    the variation had little to do with it.
    It was also the last time I played it OTB. I think I had used all my luck with
    that opening that Caissa (the Goddes of Chess) was going to allow me.

    The year is 1994 we had to win the last match of the season to win the league.

    B.Keogh - Geoff Chandler Edinburgh 1994

  3. 29 Sep '12 10:26 / 1 edit
    Hi Linden

    Although the Sicilian Pin Variation (what an awful long winded name -
    this opening needs a new name…The SPV)

    Start again.

    Although the SPV and the Nimzo both have pinned c3 Knights the
    important difference in the e-pawn.

    The Nimzo

    White has been prevented from playing e4….
    …or has he…you must look at these things.

    In the SPV the pawn is already on e4 and White is better developed.

    The key word is ‘developed’.

    Reckon one of the best ways to get familiar with a new opening
    set up is to get an idea of the pitfalls the opening contains.
    Here Black can become obsessed with the pinned Knight on c3 and start shooting at it. .

    jPassage - Poisbois RHP 2009

    Same theme but Black spots the Queen trapping idea.
    Of the 29 games on here with this line White has won 26.

    Humper - English Guy RHP 2005

  4. 29 Sep '12 12:07
    Thanks Greenpawn! There's plenty here for me to think about for now.
  5. 29 Sep '12 13:13
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Hi Linden

    Although the Sicilian Pin Variation (what an awful long winded name -
    this opening needs a new name…The SPV)

    Start again.

    Although the SPV and the Nimzo both have pinned c3 Knights the
    important difference in the e-pawn.

    The Nimzo

    [fen] rnbqk2r/pppp1ppp/4pn2/8/1bPP4/2N5/PP2PPPP/R1BQKBNR w KQkq - 0 4[/fen]
    White has been preve ...[text shortened]... res.} 20... Kf8 21. Qd8+ Kg7 22. Ne8+ Kg8 23. Nf6+ Kg7 24. Qg8+ Kxf6 25. Qg5[/pgn]

    looking at the Nimzo line
    6. a3!?
    There may be better for black but I doubt white has enough for a pawn after the simple 6.... Bf8 for starters. No development but no weakness either
  6. 29 Sep '12 15:44 / 1 edit
    Hi Queenabber.

    You are right there. No weakness.

    When I was starting out and argued everything for development and tempo
    I was challenged at 5 minutes to take White here.

    I was allowed 4 White moves on the trot.
    No piece was allowed in his half of the board.
    Then the game started with me to move. (so 5 moves on the trot.)

    That position is solid and I could not get at him. I lost trying too hard.
    The best way was to sit on it - develop more and more squeeze him or wait till
    he unwinds - tries to break out.
    Him being a better blitz than me (at the time) also helped but lesson learned.

    Try it against a box. It's not easy.

    Back to the Nimzo 4.e4 Line.
    I do have a bit of background with it and have often used it in classes and
    discussions to put forward how rich chess is and how you could fill 10 books
    with unknown variations that an Opening book (in this case the Nimzo - Indian)
    won't give you on the very first move of it's key position.
    How many other 4th move are offered before 4......e4.
    (a3,Nf3,Bd2,Qc2,Qb3,Bg5,g3...some won't even mention 4...e4.)

    No weakness. Agree. Take it on one move. 7.bxc3
    And a common comment in books in such postions is that White does not
    have enough for his pawn.

    Wrong thinking. Wrong attitude.
    White has nothing to prove after his gambit.
    It's now up to the Black player to win it.
    And to do that he will have to come out and play.

    I 'm happy. Bertie the Book is now out of the book, he is now on his own.
    (if 4.e4 is mentioned it will be tucked away in 'Other Moves' section. The bit
    nobody reads because Anand does not play it.)
    His head will be full of mainline games from Botvinnik to Carlsen.

    My head is clear. I've no idea what to do.
    I have no development problems. I have no pressure, I'm not the one
    sitting there a pawn up knowing if I make one slip the game will be equal
    and if I equalise this I'm winning.

    The lad who plays the best chess on the day will win it.
    That position is not lost. Don't be afraid to accept such positions.
    (for either side, though I would always prefer White.)

    I can create a weakness!

    Again it's good to dig out the nonsense and get it out of the way.
    Alwasy fish about with these things. It's good practice and good fun.

    Suppose I don't to take the c3 Knight. There is double sac in there.
    Come fly with me.