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  1. 04 Oct '15 17:32 / 2 edits
    A Picture of me and my poster with Nigel Short.

    The Motylev Trap which was avoided in the game
    but plenty of RHP players have fallen for it.

    I Answer some of my recent personal messages.

    My latest swindle on here.

    And a crazy game where 4 Bishops take 4 Rooks.

    Blog Post 269
  2. Standard member JonathanB of London
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    04 Oct '15 18:30
    Shouldn’t the title of this thread be the other way around?
  3. 04 Oct '15 18:34
    Short Nigel meets Greenpawn.?
  4. 05 Oct '15 19:47
    I think he means Nigel Short meets Greenpawn.............
  5. 06 Oct '15 01:35
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Short Nigel meets Greenpawn.?
    According to Jana, this is the most accurate version.