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  1. 15 Sep '13 21:27
    So I've just recently started taking a semi serious interest in chess-I did play as a child. I am only marginally familiar with theory, know to develop, need for space and time, etc. But what I'm looking for is someone who can suggest a good book that I can pick up and gain something from. I'm just a hobby player wanting to get a bit better.

    So any suggestions on books for a chess player who has never read anything on chess would be appreciated!
  2. Donation ketchuplover
    15 Sep '13 22:11
    welcome aboard. I recommend "The Art of Checkmate"
  3. 15 Sep '13 23:11
    "Better Chess", by William Hartston. Good Luck.
  4. Standard member hedonist
    peacedog's keeper
    15 Sep '13 23:24
    Originally posted by John Osmar
    "Better Chess", by William Hartston. Good Luck.
    I'd also recommend Hartston's book.

    It's from one of those self-help series that cover everything from basic computing to weight loss. But don't let that put you off, Hartston does a good job.

    And the follow up is good also.
  5. 16 Sep '13 00:42
    Yasser Seriwan's series are the books I wish I had had when starting out.