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Only Chess Forum

  1. 13 Jun '06 18:12
    hi everyone,
    i've been playing the game for about 6 months and am hooked, cant get enough of it, but i've been searching hi and low for a decent chessboard and pieces, i tried on the internet but found it to only price sets in america.
    im trying to find a set that has ebony and boxwood pieces on a black board (this would be the ideal set for me) pieces at 3 1/2 / 4" king.

    so basically does anyone know any places in the U.K (mainly london) where i can buy a decent board?
  2. 13 Jun '06 18:14
    Try here:
  3. 13 Jun '06 18:22
    thanks very much kubuntu, had a look throughout the site, think i found a set that i like, your help was very much appreciated.