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  1. 20 Feb '11 12:49
    Hi ,

    I am Beginner on chess and I am playing "Majestic Chess" computer chess game.
    I am stuck on Chapter 2: Zotar's Gate.

    White King with a Rock against Black King with three Pawns.

    King on E1

    Rock on D1

    King on E8

    First Pawn on E7

    Second Pawn on D7

    Third Pawn on C7

    Whites play first.

    I have no idea how to capture those three Pawns without losing my Rock

  2. 20 Feb '11 13:02
    use your king !
    chess is all about piece cooperation , and in the endgame the king is not under the threat of being mated (usually!), so use it as a piece, it's very effective at blocking the pawns!

    Your king has to march towards the center (a good idea in endgames), while your rook should be best placed on the side (a or h file)
    Why? because it will be able to check the king behind the pawns and prevent him from coordinating with them.
    But you will get nowhere by just checking the king, the idea is to keep him out of the game. you will NOT checkmate him with a lone rook (without first eating the pawns)
  3. 20 Feb '11 13:02
  4. 20 Feb '11 13:35 / 2 edits
    2 more advices :

    - avoid useless checks.
    your rook isn't going to checkmate the king all by himself so just use the rook to keep the king out of the game and to check him when he gets in an annoying place

    - infiltrate your king "inside" the pawn chain
    This is a key idea to win that endgame !
    if you have a chessboard at home try playing around with just the 3 black pawns and the white king : the ideal setup is for example :

    black pawns on c6 d5 e4
    the pawns form a diagonal line, but they don't control the black squares, allowing the white king to infiltrate and block them :

    king to d4 (or e3) and the black pawns are blocked

    On the opposite : if you setup the pawns abreast (e5 and d5 for example), they control all the squares in front of them (f4, e4, d4 and c4), preventing the king from advancing.

    So here you have 2 possible strategies to infiltrate your king :

    - go around the pawns with your king (e3-f3-g4-g5-f6)

    - keep your king in front of the pawn and use your rook to force them to advance, then infiltrate your king.

    either method should work fine

    And don't forget the key word :

    coordonate your king and rook
    prevent black from coordinating his king and pawns (by a timely check usually)
  5. 20 Feb '11 15:01
    Thankyou very much I am going to try this now.
  6. 20 Feb '11 17:29
    i've played this before and the computer plays very dumb early on, just move your king near the pawns and it basically lets you win.