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Only Chess Forum

  1. 14 Feb '11 00:51
    Both my brother and I would like to play blitz but are unable to do so. We are using different computers at different locations. We've both installed the latest version of Flash player. I've even gone to the library to try and play from there but experience the same problem : We can get as far as playing the first move but nothing happens.
  2. 14 Feb '11 01:09
    It will be your brother playing a trick on you by pretending he cannot move.

    Brothers are like that.

    Ages ago when my brother phoned I pretended I could not hear him.
    Then I phoned him and again pretended I could not hear him.
    He emailed me saying something was wrong with his phone.

    I replied saying he had sent me a blank email message and
    asked him to give me a call.