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Only Chess Forum

  1. 19 Sep '13 15:07
    Nice mate from the blue in the 'CHECKMATE in under 20 moves' thread.

    Saw an interesting moment flicking through it.

    A very common scenario at the lower levels;

    Black: "I see that but you have missed this..."

    White: "I know you see that and you think I missed this but...."

    Here: (White to play) and no moving the pieces, do it in your head.

    White can play 9.e4 and if 9...Nxe4 we have unprotected Knights on b4 and e4.
    White can Queen fork these Knights with 10.Qd4.

    Am I right? If not what move can White play to snare one of the Knights.
  2. 19 Sep '13 15:27
    If white does play Qd4, then he will be giving his queen away and that's no fun.

    I'm not seeing how white can take the b4 knight since it can be treated to a very well protected square a6.
  3. 19 Sep '13 15:43
    Qe2 (move Ne4 or defend it) ---> Qb5+ ---> Qxb4 or Qxc6 (if Nc6)