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  1. Standard member Mr Average
    Mr Average
    05 Jul '09 20:24 / 1 edit

    I'm black....
  2. 05 Jul '09 21:07

    You did badly, below average. Thankfully, for you, White did even worse
  3. Standard member Mr Average
    Mr Average
    05 Jul '09 23:28
    can you be more specific?
  4. Standard member clandarkfire
    Grammar Nazi
    05 Jul '09 23:40
    Your whole plan of giving up all those pieces for a pawn storm was rather foolish, considering that white could have stoppped it at any time, and could have come out of it a couple pieces up.
  5. Standard member Ramned
    The Rams
    06 Jul '09 01:14 / 1 edit
    A more sound plan would have been to aim for queen-side play than the bishop sacrifice as you had more space on the queen side and his bishop wasn't effective compared to your knight. You were not strong enough to try a king-side attack. White should have put the game away with 32. Rc1 followed by 33 Rc2. That was the least he could have done to stop your counter-play
  6. 06 Jul '09 09:31 / 1 edit
    I think it's a much interesting question to ask what White did wrong. It's really very instructive - after Black's thoroughly unsound piece sacrifice White managed to swap off loads of pieces, including the queens, and then relaxed. His rook went on a silly pawn grabbing spree on the queenside and he completely ignored what Black was up to until it was too late.

    I'm not sure I even like 25.f4. Before then Black had one passed pawn, after that he had two connected passed pawns.
  7. 06 Jul '09 09:48
    30.Rf1 might have caused black more trouble.
  8. 06 Jul '09 09:52
    30. Rf1 followed by 31. Rh7 looks like the easy way to a win to me. There are many more ways, of course, considering White is up a Rook.
  9. 06 Jul '09 13:34
  10. 06 Jul '09 13:49
    Hi Mr Average - good post.

    It was a blitz game so your piece sac was a good gamble.

    'unclear with excellent practical chances'. I'd say.

    Some you win, these get posted, some you lose - these are forgotten.

    Your mistake was here.

    You played 20...Nf6 when 20...Nf4 was the move.
    Such a Knight on f4 is King Conker.

    Having hit the sacrificial trail you must play aggresive chess.

    He would play 21.Nf3 you play 21...h5.

    He would remember his a2 Bishop and play 22.Qxg6+ and gasp when
    he recalls that Knights can move backward 22...Nxg6 - often missed in
    blitz games - backward Knight moves.

    If he spots that trap he would go for Queens off - 22.Qg5 then 22....Nh3+
    wins the Queen. (also note: 22.Qg3 meets 22...Ne2+.)

    See much fun you can have with a Knight a f4.

    After seeing his play following the piece sac I'd bet five of your Earth dollars
    the he would have fallen for a Knight fork.

    Humerous finish - your opponent played like an 80's computer.
    They neverr considered pawns a threat till they were on the 7th rank.

    No need to 'make sure' on move 37. when you played 37...Kf7.

    A better wrap up would have beeen 37...g2+ and sneak in a Queen sac.

  11. Standard member Mr Average
    Mr Average
    07 Jul '09 08:49
    Thanks for the comments, especially to greenpawn34