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Only Chess Forum

  1. 27 Jun '16 09:57
    How unlucky this book has been for me.

    A Notovny in action.

    A section on the Rook and Knight v Rook Ending.

    Another Euwe, Giri, Fine, Reti Puzzle.

    One of my games.

    The Red Hot Pawn Hall of Doom.
    Blog 318
  2. 21 Jul '16 20:25
    Hey, I read your blog for the first time today and had fun. I really like the Knight / Bishop checkmates in the corners. Thanks!
  3. 22 Jul '16 12:23
    The First Time!!

    There are over 200 of those things out there just especially for you.

    The war cry of the blog is 'Check All Checks' both for you and against you.

    The blog is filled with examples of players missing a one move
    check which can turn a win into a loss, or a save a lost position.
    It's a common error and you are in the 'Check All Checks' Club.

    daveboy123 - trippin RHP 2006 (White to play)

    White is winning easily. 32.Rd1+ (Check) brining the passenger
    Rook into game looks good and Black should resign in a move or two..

    White played 32.Be5 missing 32...Bd5+ (Check) and the White Queen was lost.33.Qxd5 Nxd5

    The win was still in White hands, he is the exchange up but allowed
    the Black c-pawn too much play and White lost. (Black to play)

    38...Nxf4 39.gxf4 c2 0-1. Game 1696738

    A lot of reading ahead Daveboy, but don't worry we
    are all members of the [b']Check All Checks' Club[/b]
  4. 01 Aug '16 19:35
    Hi, thanks for replying!

    I feel honored that you took the time to browse through my old games! Ten years ago, that particular one...

    And thanks for pointing me to the "Check all checks" rule. :-)

    Nowadays I also try to play "tactically", not just defending and developing figures, but also looking for my opponent's weak spots and trying to attack them. With moderate success so far, but I do enjoy the game very much.