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  1. 15 Mar '11 09:59
    Can I nudge an opponent who is running out of timebank, and if so how?
  2. Standard member atticus2
    Frustrate the Bad
    15 Mar '11 10:08
    There should be a pale yellow email flag in the 'Actions' column of your games list. Click that, and your opponent gets an email nudge
  3. 15 Mar '11 10:16
    Thanks. I knew it would be simple, but I was looking for it on the LHS of the screen.
  4. 15 Mar '11 11:12
    Remember that in the command bar above under "My Settings" and "My Email Settings" a player can turn off receiving email move notifications from opponents.
  5. 15 Mar '11 14:15
    Hi Chaffinch.

    Very sporting of you to send an opponent a reminder.

    Looked at a few games.
    May I suggest you slow down and I mean slow down. Take your time.

    You have the makings of a good player in there (else I would not have
    bothered posting.)

    You are letting all kinds of tactcial tricks pass you by and these are
    not deep, usually 2 movers.

    Game 8002338


    I think now you will most likely see QxN+ and wonder how you missed it.
    (playing too fast).

    Same Game Here:

    I see an unprotected piece on a6. I see a check on d3 picking it up.

    Checks & unprotected pieces = the most common tactical motif.
    At the lower levels these missed chances occur time and time again.

    Same Game Here:

    22.Rxd6+ and Rd1+ wins the Black Queen.

    A hatrick of missed chances.

    Sadly you lost this game.
    The even sadder news is that you missed a mate
    in two just a few moves before you were mated.

    You played 30.Rxd6+ a good move so therefore find a better one.
    The move that mates in two moves.

    And finally...
    (please don't think I'm picking on you Chaff, you can tell me to mind my own
    business if you want...and I will...but I bet from now on you will take your time)

    The End. You played 32.KxN. Rf3+ and mate next move.

    I cannot see a forced mate after 32...Kh1.
    Black has nothing but a perpetual after 32..Kh1.

    Give each move the time it deserves.

    As I said you are getting into these postions but not putting the
    ball in the back of the net. (A bit like Arsenal.)

    You need a striker. No need to go and buy one, just train up
    one of the lads from the reserves.
    He's there alright and soon he will be scoring hatricks if you just take your time.
  6. 15 Mar '11 17:27
    Thanks for the reminder, MontyMoose
  7. 15 Mar '11 17:28
    Thanks for these hints and encouragement Greenpawn34. See separate message.