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Only Chess Forum

  1. 03 Sep '10 20:58
    Seen this all to often so thought I'd show how to do it with pictures.
    If ask again point them here.

    Also covers up fact I am running on dry ink at the moment.
    (sometimes the 'nonsense' just won't come down from where ever it is I get it from.)
    It happens. When it happend OTB I'd lose very very badly.

    Good fun game sent in by the Sniper.
  2. 04 Sep '10 04:14
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Good fun game sent in by the Sniper.
    I did not see:

    29. Qh8++

    However: I did see the other two mates and would have pulled my beard out (if I had a beard) in frustration were I a spectator at that game.