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  1. 17 Jun '11 19:24
    Can someone review/criticise these two games for me please? I am trying real hard to break 1600, so any advice offered is greatly appreciated

    Thank you in advance...

    Also, this one...

  2. 17 Jun '11 22:13
    forget the games you won and study the games you lost. find out why you lost, learn from it and you'll break 1600 for sure. tbh the difference between 1500 and 1600 is less blunders.
  3. 18 Jun '11 00:51 / 3 edits
    In the first game I think your opponent could have won a piece in the first 15 moves.

    Try to figure out where is one homework assignment.

    If you give up after looking for how I tell you.

    The second game I recommend ...2.Nf6 since if 3.e5 then 3...d5 is good for black.

    I also don`t like thy Knight wiggling around move 9 and 10 in the second game.
  4. Standard member Smiffy
    18 Jun '11 08:12
    a3 move 13 interesting games
  5. 18 Jun '11 22:38
    In the first game, 24.h4 seemed bad for white. Maybe 24.Kh1 or 24.Kh2 might have been better.