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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 17 Sep '10 00:44
    Never mind all this 'what's the best opening' niff-naff.

    Let's get on here and get ourselves laid.
  2. 17 Sep '10 01:18
    Disregard women, acquire Elo points.
  3. 19 Sep '10 18:06
    I may sign up later. I'm looking for a mate.
  4. 19 Sep '10 18:30
    ....any one knighters on there?
  5. 19 Sep '10 21:58
    Trouble is they would insist on being married by a bishop.
  6. Standard member Thabtos
    I am become Death
    20 Sep '10 01:38
    I told the girl I'd make her my queen, but it turns out she was just after my hanging bishop.
  7. Standard member Exuma
    20 Sep '10 01:49
    Love is a battlefield...
  8. Donation ketchuplover
    20 Sep '10 14:10
    Love the double white set in the pic
  9. Standard member Knightmail
    Sir Laughsalot
    20 Sep '10 18:35
    I actually married a chess fanatic a few years ago. However, it was doomed to failure. She told me that I'd have to get rid of my pawn, or else I wouldn't have a good Knight!