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  1. Standard member RBHILL
    Acts 13:48
    11 Sep '14 17:39 / 1 edit

    Game 10797807

    A big win for me. I saw the knight fork at move 15 and did it at 17. I was surpised he did see it.
  2. 12 Sep '14 04:03
    I'm shocked at how many games that guy has in progress.
  3. Donation ketchuplover
    12 Sep '14 08:13
    He is a subscriber
  4. 14 Sep '14 18:43
    Hey Ketchup,

    Long time no see!

    Yeah, I knew that. I simply could never play so many games and expect to make decent moves. I'd make blunder after blunder eventually playing like that. When I say that, I mean even more than I do normally!