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  1. 06 Jun '07 23:16
    I host the script and database that allows parts of that extension to function. Recent events have forced me to discontinue that service. Below is the text of an email i sent to quite a few people yesterday.

    "Due to a cease and desist notice I received yesterday I have decided to get out of the 'giving away the web' business. It is too difficult to police all thirty eight accounts I have given away and too easy for people to take advantage of something nice I was trying to do. Effective June 8th 7PM EDT I will be deleting all of these ftp accounts. On June 10th 7PM EDT I will be disabling all guest subdomains and domains. At that time I will also be deleting all guest account root folders and MySQL databases.

    I am scaling back to the 1and1 'home' package which will more than take care of my needs. I highly recommend if you decide to continue with your project. I have been with them for five years. They have plans starting at $3.99 a month. If you do decide to sign up please do so through this link:

    Good luck!"

    Ouroboros is on vacation and according to his profile will not have web access. Because so many people use this extension I have decided to keep the RHP extension functional until Ouroboros returns. I will then give him some time to set up another webhost if he so chooses. He can keep it going for $48/year and I recommend he set up a paypal account so all the users can help 'fund' this useful tool. The first $5 will be from me, anyone else?

    Here's some stats:

    15176 players in the ratings database

    16483 get_ratings requests yesterday
    1881702 get_ratings requests since the beginning

    There may be some hiccups over the weekend as I will have to edit the php scripts myself. Hopefully they won't last for more than an hour or two.