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Only Chess Forum

  1. 18 Oct '13 15:31
    ...and I really enjoy.
    Messing about with a lost position."

    greenpawn34 (1977) - Phillidor284 (2346) RHP CH. Rd.2

  2. 18 Oct '13 22:06
    I like the underpromotion at 30.

    The comment at 13 says "Ba6." Did you mean "Ba3"?
  3. 19 Oct '13 01:37
    Yeah, sorry 14.Ba3.

    I'm looking at him playing f6 to hold the e-pawn then Ba3 and Bxe7
    keeping his King uncaslted, then I go d4 opening up the centre.
    Alas no joy.

    30.b8=N+ keeps the checks going but I was just being teased,
    Black had it all under control.