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  1. 13 Aug '09 21:34
    We all try to imitate the games of great players that we have seen. Sometimes it works out and sometimes ...

    3 0 game with a computer at FICS (not the strongest of computers but a computer none the less).

    The uneasy feeling begins to sink in when you see 17.Qd2 which wins a clean pawn. After that, it's all downhill against a computer.

    In the final position, I am dead lost, but I got disconnected and lost that way. I logged on for a rematch and got disconnected again. (Lightning had struck my phone line, and I was disconnecting all over the place. It is in fact the reason I was playing unrated engines in the first place.)

    My play in this game (early exd4, which I seldom use) was based on a Smyslov game in the back of my head. I remembered it worked so well for him.

    Here is the catch:

    It didn't work so well for him !
  2. 13 Aug '09 21:35

    Drawn because that was all Botvinnik needed for the title!
  3. 13 Aug '09 21:40
    Botvinnik had the easier game all along. I think he had at least a slight edge the whole way.

    The moral is know what you are getting yourself into.

    I can't say how many times I have blindly played into a variation I get out of a book only to find myself in big trouble.

    Rather than leave on a sour note, I'll throw in a game with me immitating Morphy. (hehe)

    3 Minute Game At FICS

    20. Kb2 Rxc2+ 21.Bxc2 Qxg3 Wins