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  1. 15 Mar '15 10:43
    I was skipping through Game 8560044 otg - reboot RHP 2007.

    Here Black can just win the Rook with Bc7+ instead he played another move.
    A relieved White chopped Rooks and it kicked off a charming win because
    (perhaps) the players did not know that Bishops of opposite colour always draw.

    Using the same idea I composed this.
    It's probably been anticipated with a more complex setting.

    White to play and win.

    On another thread people are asking what good are computers?

    I leaned heavily on the Tablebase here:

    To get it sorted and make sure it was correct.
  2. Standard member DeepThought
    Losing the Thread
    15 Mar '15 15:44
    1. Bc5+ (blocks the pawn) Kf2 2. a5 Bh2 3. a6 Bb8 4. Ke8 Ba7 (4... Ke3 5. Kd8 Kd4 6. Kc8 Kxc4 7. Kxb8 Kb5 8. a7) 5. Kd7 Ke3 (5. ... Bb6 6. Kc6) 6. Kc7 Kd4 7. Kb7 Kxc4 8. Kxa7 Kb5 9. Kb7 c4 10. a7 Black's short a tempo