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  1. 11 Apr '07 23:21
    I just played a game against a 1800 rated player and won! And I beat a few 1700 and 1600 rated players too. Is there a different rating system for the site or something?? Here's my game against the 1800 rated player.

    Time controls: 10 mins

    1.d4, 1.d5, 2.e3, 2.c5, 3.c4, 3.dxc4, 4.Bxc4, 4.cxd4, 5.exd4, 5.Nf6, 6.Bg5, 6.g6, 7.Bxf6, 7.exf6, 8.Qa4+, 8.Bd7, 9.Qb3, 9.Qe7+, 10.Ne2, 10.Bg7, 11.h3, 11.O-O, 12.O-O, 12.Nc6, 13.d5, 13.Na5, 14.Qc3, 14.Nxc4, 15.Qxc4, 15.a6, 16.Nbc3, 16.b5, 17.Qc7, 17.Rac8, 18.Qb7, 18.Qd6, 19.Rad1, 19.f5, 20.Ng3, 20.b4, 21.Nce2, 21.Bxb2, 22.Nd4, 22.Bxd4, 23.Rxd4, 23.Rc7!, 24.Rxb4, 24.Rxb7, 25.Rxb7, 25.Qxd5, 26.Rfb1, 26.Rd8, 27.R1b6, 27.Bc6!, 28.Ra7?, 28.Qxg2#
  2. 11 Apr '07 23:36 / 1 edit
    There isn't a different rating system, just a different (more casual) pool of players. I find a 2000 there is roughly on the level of an 1800 on ICC. However, you still deserve some congratulations.