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  1. Standard member sh76
    Civis Americanus Sum
    01 Feb '09 02:08 / 2 edits

    Do you think 27. ...Rf3 is winning? I only played Qe1+? because for some dumb reason I didn't see that after Nf1 I couldn't play Qg3+ until after I made the move...
  2. 01 Feb '09 02:46 / 2 edits
    Yes 27...Rf6 looks strong - you can win the g1 Rook with a skewer
    instead of 41...Ra8.

    Note this mistake was played by your opponent the move after
    he won the exchange (he relaxed, 1-0 in the mind but not on the board).

    You should have held the c5 Knight outpost with a5 (stops b4).
    That way your Knight would not have ended back on b8.

    Funny to see it settle on c5 again.