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  1. 31 Oct '12 19:14
    This week I received a PM with a very interesting tactical variation in it.
    Here I will examine the game and some of the wild tactics.
    This game demonstrates a few things:
    1.The originality of not automatically recapturing a piece
    2. Trouble that stems from greedily trying to hold on to material
    3. Attacking possibilities in a wide open position
    4. Trading material for a lasting iniative (similar to gambit play)

    Black is a piece up but busted after 12.Qh5+.
    12. ... g6 13.Qe5+ wins at least the rook in the corner.
    12. ... Ke7 13.Rxe4+ gives white a winning attack.
    12. ... Kd7 13.d5 (at the very least wins the piece back with check)

    In the main variation with Kd7, black seems to hold a pawn, but white still gets enough attacking chances.

    Here is a line (start at move 12):

    This last pgn just demonstrates white's chances in the positions that follow Kd7.

    All in all, Re1 is a very interesting variation, and the Nxe4 move just seems to light a fuse of fireworks that are extremely tactical and entertaining (even it some of it is really complicated).
  2. 01 Nov '12 01:22
    hi paul,

    the position which caught my eye when flicking through this was at white's 20th when b3 was played, I immediately thought the move should be b4 followed up by c4 if need be but yes an interesting line