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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 21 Dec '12 13:42
    Hello, I am developing a free rich content site allowing new comers in chess to learn the rules and reach an intermediate level of play. There is lot of contents and commented games. Here is the address: . I would like to have your comments so I can improve it. The French version of the site is quite popular so I thought I would offer it to the English community as well. The first 7 lessons are translated... still need to work on the others.

    I thought also it could be a nice link to share to tour friends and relatives so you can invite them on RHP to play a game or two!

  2. 21 Dec '12 14:07
    Some quick feedback. I picked lesson 3 to look at.

    - The website could be more visually attractive.
    - Make sure to distinguish yourself from other beginners' guidelines and make it clear to the visitors of your site. This kind of advice can be found in numerous places on the internet or in books, so you have to stand out and provide a unique approach or lesson.
    - Take care of the translations: "Learning how to finish a winning game buy (sic) studying the different mating patterns with lesson 8."
    - Larger and more chess diagrams.
    - Good that you have exercises!
    - There is indeed a lot of content and should be a good starting point for beginners.
  3. 21 Dec '12 14:15
    Thanks for your feedbacks. As you clearly see, I am not a pro in the "visual aspect" of things. This is not a commercial site so I cannot invest money for a web designer. I decided to concentrate my effort on the content... not the visual aspect.

    Thanks for the typo... I fixed it. And do not hesitate if you find others!