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  1. 03 Jan '06 13:08
    Greetings everyone. I am returning to chess seriously after about ten years of only playing casually. I have begun working on creating my own set and have been devouring material to try and shake the rust off.

    I found that my mind today works differently than it did when I was in school and that is not a good thing as far as the game of chess goes.

    Does anyone have any books they would reccomend? I see "The Amateur Mind" is a good one, and I believe I picked that one up.


  2. 03 Jan '06 13:16
    Greetings ... how about delving around here in this forum, there are some previous thread(s).
  3. 03 Jan '06 13:28
    Thanks... yeah I started looking around and saw my questions were pretty common among other people as well!

    Silman's books seem to be popular, and I liked his amateur mind. I will look for Reassessing Your Chess and look forward to getting some games in on this site. It seems to be pretty high quality.

  4. 03 Jan '06 14:40
    I have no idea how good you are at chess, but i'm going to pretend your a newbie. Therefore, I recommend Yasser Seirwans Winning Chess Series, 6 books I belive and Logical Chess Move by Move. Read Silman's Reasses and Amauters one after. It will be more benefical.
  5. 03 Jan '06 16:02 / 1 edit
    I"ve played since I was 7. I had a rating of 1400 in high school but haven't played seriously in 10 years.

    Thank you for your reccomendations though, I'm going to be finishing the Amateur Mind and then move to Reassessing Your Chess by Silman.

    Why would you reccomend the Winning Chess Series first?
  6. Standard member Bowmann
    03 Jan '06 16:28
    Originally posted by icedcrow
    Greetings everyone.
    Have a go at my Chess Lessons.
  7. 03 Jan '06 16:41
    Where can I find them?
  8. 03 Jan '06 18:45
    The winning chess series is great for beginners and can get you to 1500ish... I assumed you were new beginner.

    I read Reasses your chess last year but it was kind of over my head and i was 1600 OTB then. Reading it when your stronger might be better.
  9. 03 Jan '06 18:49
    Originally posted by icedcrow
    Where can I find them?
    They are in the chess forum. Titled: Chess Lesson #