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  1. 23 Jan '10 12:35
    How long should I wait before claiming time out win?
  2. 23 Jan '10 12:35
    1 sec
  3. Standard member orion25
    Art is hard
    23 Jan '10 12:45
    Claim it as soon as you can. If your opponent didn't move then it was their fault. Too bad for him.
  4. 23 Jan '10 12:54
    Entirely at your discretion.

    Wait till the first time you allow a game to progress after you could timeout an opponent but didn't. The situation is reversed and your opponent times you out immediately you will learn the benefits of timeout and being nice to people.
  5. Standard member peacedog
    23 Jan '10 12:55
    Originally posted by actuals
    How long should I wait before claiming time out win?
    What I consider "unfair" is not playing a move within the agreed time limit. For someone to complain about being timed out is funny, considering they are the ones not honouring the agreement.
  6. Standard member peacedog
    23 Jan '10 12:56
    Originally posted by heinzkat
    1 sec
    about right.
  7. 23 Jan '10 12:57
    Didn't someone make a psychoanalyis of (non-)timeouters not too long ago
  8. 23 Jan '10 12:57
    Originally posted by peacedog
    about right.
    I have done that before in a 3 day/move game, it was easy to know when to log in & click it
  9. 23 Jan '10 13:12
    It depends on the opponent - if it was a team mate or someone I had been having a nice friendly conversation with then I would probably wait longer then if it was a tough opponent in a tournament or league where the win is of more benefit then mere rating points.

    Although, like people here have been saying, this is correspondence chess where time really should not be an issue at all and for someone to lose a game in such a way is unecessary for anything above 3 days a move.
  10. Standard member JonathanB of London
    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    23 Jan '10 22:40
    Originally posted by heinzkat
    1 sec
    too long to wait.
  11. Subscriber AThousandYoung
    Just another day
    23 Jan '10 23:19
  12. 24 Jan '10 02:23
    I think when your opponent oversteps the time limit you should resign.It's only fair
  13. 24 Jan '10 05:15
  14. 24 Jan '10 05:38
    Originally posted by actuals
    How long should I wait before claiming time out win?
    If you have to ask, you'll never know. 😉
  15. 25 Jan '10 14:08
    I only time out for short (e.g. a couple of days) delays when I think I am winning as I then assume the opponent has lost interest etc. Did not take a time out against an opponent who was winning recently and, surprise, surprise, he won. :-(

    No regrets though (other than my moves obviously), it is about the games for me and he was an opponent I had played already and was happy to play again.