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Only Chess Forum

  1. 09 May '10 14:01
    I created an account 8 days ago to watch the Anand vs Topalov championship online and now playchess says "Please enter a serial number or continue with limited functionality". Maybe playchess want to cash in on the people watching the world championship or how long are the trials?
  2. 09 May '10 15:14
    Anyone know? I can't even ask on playchess as it says I need a serial no "to chat".
  3. 09 May '10 18:32
    Ask via e-mail..
  4. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    10 May '10 06:13
    Yes it is, i lost my account too.
  5. 10 May '10 13:07
    Its bad news for chess players. I think ICC trial is only 7 days as well and they ban you from having a second trial if you have already had one trial. Playcehss want to have same system.