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  1. 16 Feb '07 21:55
  2. Standard member bannedplayer306509
    Best Loser
    16 Feb '07 22:12
    nice mate at the end there.. but a ton of errors by black.. quite a few. Interesting finish though, good job by white to minimize his own blunders (though there were a few)
  3. Standard member EAPOE
    Earl of Rochester
    16 Feb '07 22:13
    Originally posted by frankbisson
    Game 3168244
    This is a good game
  4. Standard member In A Word
    Mr. Hangs-A-Piece
    17 Feb '07 21:22
    I admit the mate is nice, but the rest of the game just looks like throwing pieces around without any rhyme or reason.

    Enjoy the win, but look at the mistakes and learn from them. You made some moves that a higher ranked player would have pounced on...
  5. 17 Feb '07 21:48
    Originally posted by frankbisson
    Game 3168244
    Very similar to this game.