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Only Chess Forum

  1. 08 Feb '07 22:13
    Game 3137224

    I'm pretty proud of this, because me and my opponent were about the same rating. I suffer no illusions as to the depth of my chess abilities, however, so any suggestions would be good. Or you could just tell me how great it was and that would make me happy.
  2. 08 Feb '07 22:39 / 1 edit
    Interesting game. Maybe b4 was the first problem for White. I think d4 is stronger. You did well.
  3. 09 Feb '07 00:21
    lol here's what white is trying to do and here's the basic logic for that

    i'm going to scare you with some moves, if your careful than i loose, if your not than you loose.

    so you won.
  4. 09 Feb '07 00:56
    I guess I was careful.