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  1. Standard member Westside Mobster
    The King of Detroit
    31 Jul '09 06:36
    Is there a mate for this situation?
  2. Subscriber AttilaTheHorn
    Erro Ergo Sum
    31 Jul '09 11:38
    According to the book, Fundamental Chess Endings, by Muller & Lamprecht, it's generally a draw. There are some positions, however, in which a mate can be administered, but they require more than 50 moves, so they can be claimed to be a draw too under the 50-move rule
  3. Standard member buffalobill
    Major Bone
    31 Jul '09 20:40
    You'd have to be an expert. If I was the defending player I'd swap off the rooks first opportunity I get and thereby draw the game.
  4. 03 Aug '09 08:34
    Theoretically, this is usually a draw. However, unless you know the drawing technique it can be very difficult to defend in a practical game. I've had this endgame twice in serious competition play and managed to win both fairly easily.