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  1. 19 Nov '16 06:49

    Game 6 an interesting draw (is there such a thing?)

    Karjakin smells a rat going into a game he has won
    in the past.and alters course. He looks good for a while.

    A wee trap and an RHP game that simply refutes the Ruy Lopez.

    Blog Post 337
  2. 20 Nov '16 02:40
    At move 29, it appears to me that the main imbalance in the position is white's passed d pawn. I'm kind of surprised Karjakin let it go so easily.
  3. 20 Nov '16 13:52 / 1 edit
    Hi Fast Eddie,

    The d-pawn is never going to get past d5 (white square) if Karjakin wants to
    hold it then it has to be on d4 and the Bishop on e5.

    The Black Bishop can sit on d5 and play a part in attacking in the Queenside where
    Carlsen is stronger. The d4 pawn will hinder the Bishop defence of the Queenside.

    The White Queen will be out numbered and Black can create threats. They might not
    be winning threats with best play but why do that to yourself, put yourself in a position
    where you need to play the best moves when you have no chance of winning.

    The d-pawn is never going to do anything. Let it go and kill the Queenside.
  4. 20 Nov '16 17:13

    I guess I was envisioning the queens and bishops magically vanishing in that position. Them Black's king would have to stop the d-pawn, freeing white's king to mop up pawns elsewhere. But I'll stipulate the players here can probably see a tad deeper than my typically 1700-1800 self can.