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  1. 02 Jul '15 12:55 / 5 edits
    Just posted this at Chessgames. thought I'd share. Some good stuff
    here with me messing about with a blank game score and a PGN thingy.
    No computer but it all looks simple enough. All I've done is pull out all the 'cheapo's.

    After Kramnik's 48 Nd8 threatening mate in one with Rf7:

    The position could be tweaked into a minor 'White to win a piece' study. The board is a minefield of Knight forks.

    Black cannot really take off the Rooks.

    48... Rxd7 49. Nxd7+ Ke7 50. Nxe5 Kxd8 51. Nxg6.

    The coming Nf4 ands Nxh5 is next.


    Moving the Bishop to give e5 to the Black King fails.

    48...Bd4 49 Nc4 g5 (now forced ) 50.Rd6+

    And Ke7 (Nc6+) or Kg7 (Ne6+) drops the d4 Bishop.


    Also on the 48...Bd4 there lurks a cunning wee pseudo sac...

    49.Nd5+ (always look at checks) 49...Nxd5 50.Rd6+!

    And no matter where the King goes (e7 or g7) White will play Rxd5 and the
    pinned d4 Bishop will fall to Rxd4 and a Knight fork check. or will simply be won with Nc6.

    What about 50...Ke5 that meets 51.Re6 mate.

    The 49.Nd5+ line is a darling of a variation. An unheard Melody.


    48...Bb8 hides a cute line.

    48...Bb8 49.Rf7+ Ke5 50.Nd7+ Ke4.

    White cannot take on b8 yet as the d8 Knight hangs.
    So you use the Black King to stop the attack on d8.

    52.Re7+ the King is forced onto the d-file then White can play Nxb8.

    In the game Nepomniachtchi played 48...g5 and went into the lost Knight
    ending which does look it could not be avoided without dropping a piece.

    They are just four of the cute lines. There are others.

    As usual with most games at this level the merry and pretty lines are buried in the unplayed
    variations. The fun is digging them out so you can get some kind of an inkling what
    they saw and avoided.


    When he was 13 or there about, Carlsen was a huge Kramnik fan and this grind but
    keeping the game alive style that Carlsen sometimes adopts possibly came from that.

    The difference being when Kramnik is on the blunder-hunt forcing his opponent to make
    the correct move time after time it's appears to be done with more panache, more grace.

    The full game.

    Kramnik - Nepomniachtchi. Dortmund 2015

    Edit: sorry about the edits - tried to put a few in PGN format but today it's not working.
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    05 Jul '15 21:49 / 1 edit
    Caruana won this event with 5.5, 1.5 points ahead of So.